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Any New Music Coming out soon?

Yes!! This year I will be releasing an EP Called “Battery Life” which describes our present time daily lives and how we live and how our technology has changed our every day intimate relationships, friendships, and business for the better and for the worse.

Creating Process

Since the beginning of 2014, I ve decided to start my writing process with a clean slate, I have experienced a great deal with self production in the studio and now knowing what my potential is. I hope this EP becomes apart of your lives this 2014.

Release Date

I just started the writing/recording /production process in May of 2014 and I am still writing new material as of today. To guestimate when the EP will be released is at the moment a mystery but I assure you it will be worth it.

New Album Coming Soon

Coming out on CD No More Mr Nice Guy

StayTuned for more on whats to come !!!

Raul Midon and I performing @ the HyattRegency